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Swords of Magic - a role playing game by Amagam Software

From left to right: Nana, Manny, Jaru, Prince Charlie, Deedee.

"Nana" - Nanalisa Pearl Magiston
69th level Alchemist-Mystic
HP:23 STR:10 DEF:44 MAG:55
Nana is a powerful wizard who lives with her cat and adopted daughter. Widowed during the war decades ago, her heart yearns to find love again.

"Manny" - Gen. Manuel Soldierra (ret)
75th level Warrior-Commander
HP:22 STR:37 DEF:14 MAG:10
Manny is the retired war hero who lives next door to me. He is a master swordsmith and airship pilot.

"Jaru" - Prince Jaru Stonegold
3rd level martial artist
HP:59 STR:42 DEF:22 MAG:33
Jaru is on the run: hiding from the authorities. He is wanted for helping the local townsfolk organize against his father, the King.

Prince Charlemagne Powerpaws III
Level 12 Cleric Familiar
Str:4 Int:17 Dex:18 Magic:59
A magic cat (a familiar).
Catchphrase: "Don't Hiss Me Off."

"Deedee" - Elizabeth Delilah Young
1st level Mystic-Warrior
HP:20 STR:21 DEF:41 MAG:12
Deedee is a girl that Nana took in when she was orphaned. Her parents went missing during a great battle during the last war.


This is a rough copy animatic outlining the intro video for Swords of Magic, Guild of Familiars. It opens in an ancient library, where a father and daughter have just discovered a dusty old book. The daughter asks, "Daddy, will you tell me a story?" and thus the adventure begins. The narrator is a dad telling a fairy tale to his daughter...


I was born into a life of silk and stone.
Gold and greed. Raised in
a giant castle in the sky.

A lonely child. Yearning for adventure.
Back then, I felt like nothing exciting ever happened.
The world went on without me.

Wars were fought. Kingdoms rose and fell.
I never could tell if we were
the goodguys or the badguys.

But one thing was constant - I always felt alone.

My life turned upside down
the day I turned eleven.
The day I met my first friend.

The day my lonely life
changed directions forever
and I set off on a grand adventure.


Guard: The rebellion has been quashed, sire.
What should we do with those who surrendered?

King: I am a fair and just ruler.
I don't want their blood on my hands.
You may set them free.
Return to the village and salt their fields.
This failed rebellion will go down in history as a tragic famine.
Nothing more.

I couldn't believe what I'd heard.
The king, my father, had told me we were under attack from an evil force
intent on our destruction. Were they merely farmers, protesting some injustice?
I had to see for myself.


Alright men, we have our orders.
White Squad, to the fields.
Red Squad, anything that stands on four legs must die.
By order of the king!


Hello little one. You've got to hide!
Shoo, cat. They are going to kill you.
Get out of here, you mangy beast!

Rrrrowwww. Owwww.

Come here if you want to live.
Quick, hide in my backpack.
Find somewhere to hide or else.

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Christer Kaitila
Dungeon Master.
Cat stalker.

I am a pro game developer, and I've been making games for 15+ years. Last year I finally started my own indie studio in order to work on my own games. Before that I always worked freelance programming games for clients: casual games, facebook games, and low budget downloadable software.

I am definitely a programmer first and a musician and artist second. Over the years I have been looking for a new challenge, since I can code in my sleep. With this in mind I have set out to develop my artistic side. Wish me luck!

Current Residence: Canada
Personal Quote: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
It has been six weeks since I've logged in to DeviantArt.  Why?  

I JUST BECAME A DAD!  Woo hoo welcome James to the world, my happy, healthy baby son born Jan. 6th, 7lbs 6oz.

Additionally, I'm a programmer: I had no new art to submit.  I've been hard at work on several client projects, while my personal fun-project was put on the back burner.  Just uploaded a new deviation that is a screenshot of the game.  The happy news is that in doing so I also got my 100th llama!  Woot!  Thanks, DA friends, you rock.  

Just for fun, here is a youtube video of the game demo so far:… you'll notice 100,000 polygons running in Flash at 60fps, complete with buildings, rocky mountains and a lush forest.  Cool stuff.

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